Hello and welcome to ZotCon University! Located in Irvine, CA, we specialize is teaching our students about Japanese Culture. We offer a wide range of courses from creating your own Anime to learning about storytelling techniques found in many different forms of Japanese Media. We also offer a variety of experiences, like experiencing a Japanese Maid Cafe, Anime Watch Parties, meeting up and sharing your cosplays, and even having special lectures from prominent members involved with Japanese culture! 

We hope we can give you the best taste of Japanese culture!

ZotCon 2022 Annual School Festival Applications are now open!

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Applications close March 13! Cosplay Contest Applications, Volunteer Applications, and Tickets will be released at a later date, so be sure to watch out for any announcements about them!

P.S. Applications are not first come first served. We do review each one carefully to determine whether or not we feel you will be a good fit for our festival!

ZotCon 2022 Annual School Festival Announcement

Hello! We here at the ZotCon University Student Council are happy to announce that we are now planning our next event, the ZotCon University 2022 Annual School Festival!!! (or just ZotCon 2022)

For those of you who do not know, ZotCon University is a fictional university set in Irvine, CA. Every year, however, we as an organization aim to host our annual event, the ZotCon University Annual School Festival. We have been unable to host an in-person festival due to the global pandemic, but we are hopeful that we are able to host one for you this year! So… When exactly is ZotCon 2022? WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL……………..

What: ZotCon University 2022 Annual School Festival
When: Sunday, May 29, 2022
Where: UCI Student Center, Irvine, CA
Time: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

For more information about ZotCon University, our events, or our policies, please visit our website at www.zotcon.org or email us at studentcouncil@zotcon.org.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at ZotCon 2022!

Apply To Become a ZotCon University Student Council Member!

ZotCon University is looking for its next ZotCon University Student Council Members! 

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ZotCon University
Annual School Festival 2021

On May 15 2021, ZotCon University hosted our annual school festival online!

This single day festival celebrated the wonderful community we have and also acted as our welcoming ceremony for the newly admitted students!