To ensure a fun and safe experience for everyone attending ZotCon, please adhere to the following rules and policies as they apply to everyone participating in our event:

While at ZotCon, you agree to the following...

Respect is key! Please treat everyone with respect including attendees, volunteers, staff, vendors, guests, and performers. Harassment in any form is strictly prohibited.

  • Always ask for permission before taking photos or initiating physical contact.
  • Please refrain from asking staff, volunteers, vendors, performers, or guests for their personal contact information. However, when appropriate, feel free to inquire about any public social media accounts they wish to share.
  • Stay clear of areas marked as off-limits unless you have explicit permission to be there.
  • Don’t misuse any special credentials, please use them strictly within the scope of your responsibilities.
  • If you are issued any credentials (like wristbands or badges), please wear them visibly and comply with staff requests to show or surrender them.

Remember, our event is run by volunteers who can’t accept tips. If you’d like to support us, donations to our organization are welcome (you can inquire about this at the registration table).

Abide by all policies set by our venue including the UC Irvine code of conduct and any other relevant policies. Also comply with legitimate instructions given by any representative of UC Irvine, UCI Police, or the UCI Student Center. For more information about UCI policies, please follow the link here:

We’re a family-friendly event. Keep it clean—no lewd, sexual, or violent behaviors or displays, including cosplays and props. Alcohol and/or illegal substances are also prohibited at our event.

Engaging in commercial activities or advertising is not allowed without prior approval from ZotCon management.

Pets are not allowed on the premises of the UCI student center. This does not apply to service animals.

Please obey all lawful instructions from staff and volunteers managing the event.

Please go to the registration table to turn in any lost & found items or to look for a lost item. We may ask for verification before releasing lost items (such as a phone or wallet).

  • Cosplay and props must be appropriate, safe, and comply with UCI policies.
  • Props must be non-metallic, lightweight (under 10 lbs), and should not require external support. – Props that are shaped like firearms must be clearly distinguishable as fake (such as a bright orange tip).
  • All props and cosplays must be declared at registration/check-in. Staff and volunteers must be allowed to inspect any props or cosplay pieces and they have the final say on whether a prop or cosplay is permitted at the event.
  • Cosplays should not be overly revealing, should not impede the movement of others, and require footwear at all times.
  • Realistic depictions of law enforcement personnel, military personnel, emergency responders, or other official figures are prohibited.
  • By participating in ZotCon Mini and/or ZotMaid Cafe, you consent to being photographed or video recorded by our approved staff and volunteers. These recordings are primarily for documenting and promoting our event.
  • The photos and videos captured may be used in future marketing materials or promotional efforts. Participation in the event implies your agreement to the use of such media for these purposes.
  • All staff and volunteers are required to provide their first name (or preferred name that they commonly go by) and their position or title upon request to ensure accountability.
  • If you need to discuss a concern with our management team, please head to the registration table. Our management includes Assistant Directors and Directors for ZotCon Mini, and Maid Cafe Admins for ZotMaid Cafe. Please understand that response times may vary, as our team is also managing the event.
  • You can file a formal complaint at the registration table or through the “Contact Us” form on our website at We are committed to addressing all concerns promptly and thoroughly.
  • We reserve the right to modify these rules at any time.
  • Failure to comply may lead to removal from the event without a refund and possibly a ban for severe violations.

Thank you for helping us make ZotCon & Zot Maid Cafe a welcoming and enjoyable event for everyone!