Artist Alley FAQ

Artist Alley is a space for Artists to showcase their artwork and essentially acts as an advertising space for their own businesses. All artists within our Artist Alley are considered “Exhibitors” and will follow the guidelines for “Exhibitors” at our events. Only those who are authorized are able to sell items within our events and are considered “Vendors.”

“Exhibitor” is basically a fancy way to say “Hey! I make and sell stuff, but not at this event! If you wanna buy stuff, check out my online store or my social media, but I can’t sell stuff now! Only looking! No buying!”

Exhibitors are only allowed to showcase their merchandise and are not permitted to sell any items within any of our events. All applicants will be considered “Exhibitors.”

Being a Vendor at our event means that you have gotten permission from both ZotCon University and UCI Administration to sell items at the permitted ZotCon Events.

In order to be considered a Vendor, the following paper must be submitted and approved by both ZotCon University and UCI Administration:
– Certificate of Liability Insurance Meeting UCI’s Requirements*
– UCI Temporary Vendor Permit and Vendor Agreement**
– California Sellers Permit
– A Full Catalogue of Inventory Being Sold***
– Proof of Licensing Rights For Non-Original IP

*More information can be found here:
**Forms can be found here:
***We will email you the form to fill out

More information about UCI Vendor policies can be found here:

All paperwork must be cleared in order to official sell at any of our events. These are very strict requirements and no leeway will be given if anything is not properly met.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please contact us directly at

The tabling fee for both Exhibitors and Vendors will be $30 for a single table. You will be provided a table 6ft wide with two chairs. More tables can be reserved at the same rate if desired.

You can apply here:

Remember, you must be at least 18 years or older to apply!

If you have any other questions, comments or concerns, please contact our Artist Alley coordinators at or

For questions about vendors or the event itself, please contact us at