ZotCon Board

Throughout the year, ZotCon board members plan events to bring Japanese culture enthusiasts together. These events focus on aspects of Japanese culture such as anime, manga, music, language, food, and other festivities.

If you’re interested in joining ZotCon as a board member or advisor: check out the roles below, then contact us with any inquiries, questions, or concerns!

Thank you sincerely for supporting ZotCon! We hope to see you there.

Executive Officers are the head of the board. All final decisions will be made by them and they are generally appointed through seniority and/or experience. Although there are many responsibilities as an Executive Officer, they are general split among them. Executive Officers mainly deal with the administrative aspect of ZotCon University.

General Responsibilities:

  • Plan out schedule/deadlines for events
  • Communicate with venues and sponsors for events
  • Host biweekly Student Council meetings
  • Seek out Special Guests for events
  • Plan fundraising opportunities
  • Respond to any and every questions people may have about ZotCon University or any hosted events
  • Post on all social media accounts
  • Plan out budgeting and financing events
  • Appoint new Student Council members

The Artist Alley Coordinators are what make our Artist Alley successful. They plan, map out, find, and screen potential Artist Alley artists.

General Responsibilities:

  • Create Artist Alley Applications
  • Screen Artist Alley Applicants and choose the ones that suit ZotCon University’s Artist Alleys the best
  • Help Artists with any required documents/paperwork
  • Create a floor plan for Artist Alley

Cosplay Coordinators help our Cosplayers shine! They are in charge of hosting as well as planning the Cosplay Contest.

General Responsibilities:

  • Create applications for the Cosplay Contests
  • Screen Cosplay Contest applicants and stay in contact with them regaring any questions they may have
  • Seek out judges for the Cosplay Contest
  • Plan out the awards/categories for the Cosplay Contest
  • Create the judging criteria for the Cosplay Contest Judges

No convention is complete without gaming! Gaming Coordinators plan out various gaming events both tabletop and digital. These include tournaments, planning specified areas for the various activities, and gather the equipment necessary to hold the events.

General Responsibilities:

  • Create and plan out tournaments
  • Create a floor plan for the different gaming areas
  • Contact various places to try to gather equipment for the game rooms

All our pretty pictures must come from somewhere! Our Graphic Designers are the ones who will create graphics and images for us to use as promotional material, merchandise, and for event decorations.

General Responsibilities:

  • Create graphics for social media posts and promotional material
  • Update Ari’s look with new clothes and styles for the different holidays/events
  • Create merchandise for our events

We believe that our events are a great way to teach others about things students in our University are interested in. This where the Panelist Coordinator’s role comes into play. They are the ones responsible for finding those who want to spread their knowledge and give them a platform to teach others.

General Responsibilities:

  • Create applications for Panelists
  • Screen Panelists and choose those who are a good fit for our events
  • Coordinate with Panelists to ensure their panels run smoothly and successfully
  • Outline a schedule for the Panelists

Our Performance Coordinators are responsible for gathering talent to showcase for our events’ entertainment.

General Responsibilities:

  • Create applications for Performers
  • Screen Performers and choose those who are a good fit for our events
  • Coordinate with Performers to ensure their performance run smoothly and successfully
  • Outline a schedule for the Performances

Volunteers are one of the most important aspects of our events. Volunteer Coordinator oversee, train, and choose where our volunteers will be placed.

General Responsibilities:

  • Create applications for Volunteers
  • Create plans on how Volunteers will be spread around the events and their responsibilities
  • Coordinate with Volunteers to ensure their panels run smoothly and successfully
  • Outline a schedule for the Volunteers to make sure everyone gets their proper breaks and rests while still making sure enough hands are present to run our events

The Discord Community Manager ensures that our discord server remains a safe space. They also organize events such as Watch Parties and Game Nights.

General Responsibilities:

  • Moderate our Community Discord Server
  • Host Anime Watch Parties
  • Host Game Nights (We will provide for the games you would want to host)
  • Interact with the Students

ZotCon at UCI is our sister club at UC Irvine. Through them, we are able to host our events on UCI’s campus. Student Representatives will act as our middle man between ZotCon and UCI. Student Representatives can also hold a position as other members of our Student Council as well!

General Responsibilities:

  • Help promote all ZotCon University events at UCI
  • Conduct fundraising opportunities at UCI
  • Help with venue planning and talking with UCI Administration to host our events on their campus