Our Artist Alley is the pride of all ZotCon University events! Here, we can showcase the amazing works all of our ZCU students have made and where you can purchase them too! This year, Artist Alley will be combined with our Performance Hall so you can move between the two freely!

Welcome home, my lord, my lady!
Welcome to the Zotcon Maid & Butler Cafe! We will be providing delicious home-made food, desserts, drinks, as well as live shows and entertainment!
We look forward to serving you ❤️~

We know the festival can be a little tiring, so we’ve added a nice little chill/relax area for all of you! Here you will have tables for tabletop gaming, photo backdrops, and smart arts and crafts. Oh! Be sure to add your artwork to our Wall of Art while you’re there!

Are you ready to learn some new stuff? Well come down to our Panel Room where you can watch talks on various subjects or even be entertained by interactive skits!

Get ready to be entertained! Our Performance Hall this year will be combined with our Artist Alley so you can freely roam between the two! At our Performance Hall, you will be able to see our amazing performers right from our very own community! Not only can you enjoy performances, but you’ll also be able to participate in our Game Shows for prizes! We will also have a Super Smash Bros. Tournament where you can win cash prizes! Oh! And be sure to watch our Cosplay Contest where you can see all the amazing cosplays our community has to offer!

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